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Phone: +61 7 3305 7499 (reverse charge from Overseas)

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How To Make a Claim

You must give us notice of your claim as soon as possible by completing the claim form supplied by our Client Services department and posting it to the address shown on the claim form. If the claim form is not fully completed by you, we cannot process your claim and we can reduce your claim by the amount of prejudice we have suffered because of the delay.

You must give us any information we reasonably ask for to support your claim at your expense, such as, but not limited to, police reports, valuations, medical reports, original receipts or proof of ownership. If required we may ask you to provide us with translations into English of such documents to enable us to carry out our assessment of your claim.

You must co-operate with us at all times in relation to the provision of supporting evidence and such other information as we may reasonably require.

  1. For medical, Hospital or dental claims, contact Allianz Global Assistance as soon as practicable.
  2. For loss or theft of your Luggage and Personal Effects, report it immediately to the police and obtain a written notice of your report.
  3. For damage or misplacement of your Luggage and Personal Effects caused by the airline or any other operator or accommodation provider, report the damage or misplacement to an appropriate official and obtain a written report, including any offer of settlement that they make.
  4. Submit full details of any claim in writing within 30 days of your return.

Claims are Payable to You in New Zealand Dollars

We will pay all claims in New Zealand dollars. We will pay you unless you tell us to pay someone else. The rate of currency exchange that will apply is the rate at the time you incurred the expense.


Depreciation will be applied to claims for Luggage and Personal Effects at such rates as reasonably determined by Allianz Global Assistance.

You Must Not Admit Fault or Liability

In relation to any claim under this policy you must not admit that you are at fault, and you must not offer or promise to pay any money, or become involved in litigation, without our approval.

You Must Help us to Recover Any Money we Have Paid

If we have a claim against someone in relation to the money we have to pay under this policy, you must do everything you can to help us do that in legal proceedings. If you are aware of any third party that you or we may recover money from, you must inform us of such third party.

If You Can Claim From Anyone Else, We Will Only Make up The Difference

If you can make a claim against someone in relation to a loss or expense covered under this policy and you do not get paid the full amount of your claim, we will make up the difference. You must claim from them first.

Other Insurance

If any loss, damage or liability covered under this policy is covered by another insurance policy, you must give us details. If you make a claim under one insurance policy and you are paid the full amount of your claim, you cannot make a claim under the other policy.

If you make a claim under another insurance policy and you are not paid the full amount of your claim, we will make up the difference. We may seek contribution from your other insurer. You must give us information we reasonably ask for to help us make a claim from your other insurer.


We may, at our discretion undertake in your name and on your behalf, control and settlement of proceedings for our own benefit to recover compensation or secure indemnity from any party in respect of anything covered by this policy. You are to assist and permit to be done, all acts and things as required by us for the purpose of recovering compensation or securing indemnity from other parties to which we may become entitled or subrogated, upon us paying your claim under this policy regardless of whether we have yet paid your claim and whether or not the amount we pay you is less than full compensation for your loss. These rights exist regardless of whether your claim is paid under a non-indemnity or an indemnity clause of this policy.


We will apply any money we recover from someone else under a right of subrogation in the following order:

  1. To us, our administration and legal costs arising from the recovery.
  2. To us, an amount equal to the amount that we paid you under the policy.
  3. To you, your uninsured loss (less your Excess).
  4. To you, your Excess

Once we pay your total loss we will keep all money left over. If we have paid your total loss and you receive a payment from someone else for that loss or damage, you must pay us the amount of that payment up to the amount of the claim we paid you.

If we pay you for lost or damaged property and you later recover the property or it is replaced by a third party, you must pay us the amount of the claim we paid you.


Insurance fraud places additional costs on honest policyholders. Fraudulent claims force insurance premiums to rise. We encourage the community to assist in the prevention of insurance fraud.

You can help by reporting insurance fraud by calling Allianz Global Assistance on +61 7 3305 8871. All information will be treated as confidential and protected to the full extent under law.

This insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand.

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