Africa Travel Insurance

One of the world’s greatest continents, Africa is rich in history, geology, and archaeology and is comprised of 54 countries. It contains the Nile river system, which is the longest river in the world, and the huge Sahara Desert, which has the distinction of being the largest desert in the world.

Encompassing many different cultures, landscapes and climates, and literally hundreds of different languages, Africa offers spectacular coastlines, tropical beach paradises and a selection of wildlife to enchant and thrill all who visit this wonderful continent. A dream destination for many travellers, Africa is a place of learning and compassion for backpackers and students, and first choice for the many wishing to do volunteer work.

Africa Travel Insurance

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African History

For those visitors interested in the past, African history is incredibly rich in evidence of the past, with human-like fossils found within the continent providing evidence that Africa is the birthplace of mankind. Archaeological finds have shown proof of early man’s presence with caves and open-air structures, and the eventual creation of stone tools found within northern areas of Africa.

The Egyptian culture was among the earlier civilisations and their pioneering ways produced the still-present pyramids and temples as well as the development of mathematics, medicine, irrigation methods, and writing, leaving a lasting legacy on the world.

Travel in Africa

To see all of the wonders of Africa – the world’s second largest continent and possibly the richest in culture and history – would be impossible to experience in just one trip and this is why backpackers and other visitors return time and time again, to explore, to learn and to enjoy. And these visitors are aware of the real need to have good travel insurance cover, in a country where medical assistance may be limited at times.

Before taking that trip of a lifetime to Africa, be aware of the real need to prepare well. New Zealand has no reciprocal health agreement with Africa, so travellers will need to check with their doctor regarding vaccinations and other health issues, and make sure they have the best medical insurance cover they can find. Some parts of Africa are less advanced than others are and, should there be a medical emergency, transportation elsewhere may be necessary. DU Insure offers insurance packages that cover all medical emergencies and provide cover for evacuation by air ambulance as well as medical repatriation.

Travel Insurance Cover

As well as the all-important medical insurance, DU Insure covers loss of baggage and valuables, and will help fund essential replacements. Even losses like contact lenses or glasses are covered, making sure that you will be able to see the wonders of Africa clearly at all times! With additional cover including travel delay expenses, personal liability cover, and options for holiday extensions, you will be able to conduct your African trip safe in the knowledge that DU Insure are behind the scenes, ready to protect you if required.
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