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The largest and most populated continent in the world, Asia provides such contrast and variety that many lifetimes would be required to explore it properly. Asia offers an intoxicating mix of past and present, with an infusion of spiritualism and tradition blending into the enthralling and hectic buzz of vibrant city living, and a quiet and sacred aura surrounding ancient wonders like the Great Wall of China and the temples of Angkor.

Awe-inspiring natural sights provide the traveller with moments of contemplative wonder, from beautiful coastlines to magnificent mountains, while the heavily populated cities shine with a vibrancy unseen within other continents, offering hours of observational entertainment and enchantment.

Asia Travel Insurance

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Food and Culture

Each country offers something special and unique to the traveller, from the jungle villages of Malaysia to the cultural cocktail that is India. And then there’s the food. Fresh and highly flavoured, Asian cuisine is world famous, but tasting it within the home of its birth is guaranteed to get the taste buds bursting with joy. It is no wonder that visitors to the Asian continent struggle to decide where to go and what to do, and for many this will involve a long and well-planned journey, to absorb as much as possible of the most fascinating land on earth.

Travel Preparations

Any long trip requires careful planning and organisation, and a visit to Asia may require a few pre-travel precautions. A visit to your healthcare provider is a must, to seek advice about essential vaccinations and general healthcare tips, as well as querying whether the typhoid vaccine is required. Check out any relevant Foreign Office websites and observe travel advisories, as there may be weather warnings or cautions due to political upheaval. Natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes do occur within Asia, and it is sensible to avoid travelling during monsoon season. Ignoring warnings could not only put your life at risk but may also invalidate any insurance claims you may make.

Taking out travel insurance is a priority before making a trip, especially when travelling through Asia, and finding a travel insurance company that can offer advice as well as suitable policies can be tricky. Downunder Insure New Zealand is one of those companies, which not only gives great insurance cover but is also aware of the needs of holidaymakers and backpackers, and offers a selection of policies to suit every requirement.

Suitable Travel Insurance Cover

Travel insurance covers a multitude of potential problems and no sensible traveller will commence their journey without it. Medical insurance is a must, along with air ambulance cover and medical repatriation, as there are some areas within Asia where treatment is either limited or non-existent.
Also, make sure that loss or theft of your belongings is also covered, along with valuables, cash, and your travel documents. While many backpackers and extended trip travellers may not be carrying anything particularly valuable, imagine the costs of replacing clothing, toiletries and the all-important rucksack or backpack.
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