Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpacking can be a life-changing experience. That feeling of independence, making new friends, seeing new places and trying out different cuisine and local delicacies are all part and parcel of a great backpacking trip.

The entire backpacking experience can be enormous fun, from the initial researching and planning stage to the after-trip reminiscing and even making plans for another trip. And while not everything goes according to plan, there are ways to ensure that the trip of a lifetime doesn’t become an experience with serious repercussions. How? By ensuring that a comprehensive backpacking insurance policy covers all of those unforeseen circumstances, which could spoil a trip and cost thousands of dollars.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

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Medical Health Insurance

New Zealand does have Reciprocal Health Agreements with Australia and the UK so any backpackers visiting these countries and experiencing a medical emergency will receive necessary treatment. However, they will not be eligible for free emergency transport or medical evacuation, which could run up a bill of thousands of dollars. 

When travelling within any other countries, medical insurance is a must. Hospital bills can be steep and even visiting a doctor could leave a backpacker out of pocket, especially with full priced medication on top.

Cover for Belongings, Valuables and Documentation

While losing a backpack full of dirty clothes may not be an enormous loss, losing a camera, passport, or all of your cash is a situation everyone dreads. Finding a travel insurance that covers the total sum of valuables is definitely a necessity. Before departure, write a list of every valuable or expensive item so this can be referred to in the case of having to make a claim. In addition, save receipts of any purchases made while travelling for proof of costs.

Backpacking insurance can also cover the costs of replacing contact lenses or glasses should they be stolen or damaged, and will even cover the cost of replacing an expensive backpack. While insurance will never bring back lost items, it can help to soften the blow by funding replacements.

Unforeseen Circumstances

It is always recommended to find a policy that covers events or circumstances out of your control. This includes flight cancellation due to illness or a death in the family and accommodation costs should a flight be delayed. In the case of armed conflicts or terrorism, evacuation may be necessary for safety so make sure that getting out of a troubled country is an option. Adventure sports lovers must ensure that they are covered for more extreme sports as these are not covered within a basic policy.

Also, it is worth finding a travel insurance provider that gives the option to extend a policy. A policy that is accommodating and flexible allows for longer stays in particularly enjoyable countries, and may offer a return visit endorsement too without the insurance being invalidated.

Finally, it is wise to be covered for third party liability in the case of accidentally injuring another person or damaging their property, as lawsuits can run up massive bills.

DUInsure offer a range of backpacker travel insurance options perfect for any backpacker looking to be protected abroad - offering options for extensions, medical and personal liability cover, as well as a wide range of personal cover options such as passport protection and money loss cover.

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