Europe Travel Insurance

The great thing about travelling to Europe from New Zealand is that New Zealand passport holders are able to spend up to three months visa free in most European countries except for Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine, and up to six months visa-free in the UK. This makes travel preparations much less stressful and allows more time for the fun parts of journey planning; like planning where to go and what to see.

Europe is a popular destination for New Zealanders especially during the northern hemisphere summer, offering the chance to enjoy great weather, different scenery and a huge variety of cultures, entertainment, and cuisine. With such a diverse range of countries to choose from, it would be impossible to fit them all in during a normal holiday. Therefore, choose the countries that appeal – whether it is for cutting-edge culture, momentous history, or breath-taking landscapes – and prepare to be blown away by the sights, sounds and sensations of a continent filled with unique destinations.

Europe Travel Insurance

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Travel Arrangements

For those heading off to just one country, planning a trip should be reasonably straightforward. Backpackers will have to figure out where to begin and then plan the journey along with places to stay and sights to see. No matter what kind of holiday you plan to take, taking out travel insurance cover should be included in those holiday preparations. Although New Zealand visitors heading to the UK will be able to access basic, emergency medical treatment if a problem should arise, medical cover should be considered as vital while visiting other countries as well as the all-important repatriation cover.

Once the planning is complete, the flights are booked, and travel insurance has been purchased, take a few advance precautions that will ensure that if you run into problems while travelling, they can be resolved quickly and easily. Take photocopies of flight tickets, passport, and any other documentation that is relevant to your travels and keep a set of these copies somewhere safe in your luggage as well as giving a set to a family member or a friend. If you should lose the original documents or have them stolen while travelling, getting replacements will be made easier by having these copies and will help with making a travel insurance claim.

Travel Insurance Cover

Wherever you plan to travel, having a travel insurance policy not only gives peace of mind but also can be useful when problems arise. Delayed flights can be annoying at best, but when the delay means finding accommodation until the next flight, unwanted bills can start cropping up. Having cover for these types of problems means that you will not be out of pocket.

Not sure what sort of travel insurance cover you need? Speak to a reliable company like Downunder. DU Insure specialises in travel related insurance and, as they are experienced travellers themselves, can guide you through the different types of cover required for that dream trip to Europe.

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