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As part of the continent of Europe, the United Kingdom, or the UK as it is often called, is comprised of the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of Ireland, and many smaller islands.

The UK is divided into four countries; England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, each with their own capital cities, and, while the official language is English, there are four Celtic languages spoken as well. Many regions have their own dialects, many of which include words from the Celtic languages.

UK Travel Insurance

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Geological and Historical Value

The UK is of huge geological interest to visitors. Volcanic activity created many of the UK islands and remnants of this activity can be seen in the form of the cauldron-like calderas. The Scottish mountains were created during the Caledonian mountain building episode and every year thousands of locals and visitors indulge in the activity known as ‘Munro Bagging’; scaling those mountains higher than 3,000 feet.

Historically, the UK has seen human occupation since prehistoric times and a culture developed known as Insular Celtic. Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman invasions left their mark on the island, which had a succession of Kings within each country, and the UK is rich with ancient buildings of huge historical value. Visitors to the UK will find well-preserved castles throughout the island and many carefully preserved ancient treasures.

UK Travel

Most travellers from abroad tend to head to London first, famed for having a diverse range of people and cultures, World Heritage Sites, historical landmarks and for being a world cultural capital. For those keen to explore, each country offers something different, from the rugged mountainous scenery of Scotland to the coastal beauty and environmentally protected Welsh scenery.

Getting around is easy by bus, rail or domestic flights, and there are plenty of car hire companies too. The UK has many campsites suitable for those with caravans and campervans, as well as a huge network of hostels, bunkhouses, and camping sites throughout the island. If you plan to hire a vehicle to get around, try to get travel insurance that covers rental vehicle excess cover to protect you financially should there be an accident or damage to the vehicle.

Travel Insurance

The UK and New Zealand have a reciprocal healthcare agreement in place, so if the worst should happen, getting medical treatment will not be a problem. It is advisable to take out medical repatriation cover should illness or injury cut your journey short, and do ensure that your policy gives you cover if you plan to go hillwalking or mountain climbing, as evacuation may only be possible by helicopter.
DUInsure have a range of travel insurance policies suitable for travellers visiting the UK and will give expert advice on the sort of cover required. Policies include cover for long and short-term visits, a multitude of activities and give financial protection for scenarios involving loss or theft of baggage and valuables, flight cancellation and travel delays that result in additional expense.
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