Worldwide Travel Insurance

The range of different types of travel insurance can sometimes be bewildering. There is comprehensive travel insurance, annual cover, backpacker policies, return visit endorsements, emigration, and more.

Then there’s the additional cover, like adventure sports, the extensive medical cover that you’re not quite sure you need because of reciprocal health agreements with other countries, and then what about the fact that you are travelling both within the EU and paying a visit to the USA as well?

Keeping Travel Insurance Simple

For those who are baffled by travel insurance jargon, take a trip to Downunder Insurance who believe in keeping your travel insurance requirements simple. Seasoned travellers themselves, they know what sort of cover you need for every kind of trip, taking into account the duration of your holiday, destinations and places where you really will need that important healthcare cover in case you run into difficulties.

DUInsure has divided geographical regions into easy to understand information, with Region 3 covering a multitude of worldwide destinations. All you have to do is plan your trip, decide where you are going and whether you will be globetrotting, making several trips returning to New Zealand each time, taking a working holiday, or simply heading off to an exotic beach for a few weeks of relaxation, and DU will have you covered.

World Travel Insurance

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Multi Destination Trips

Travelling to more places than the average holidaymaker increases the chances of something going wrong. Backpackers, nomads, and annual frequent travellers think nothing of spending time in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, often within a single trip, which is where worldwide insurance is invaluable. New Zealand travellers may be able to benefit from the reciprocal health agreements, set up to make sure that travellers will receive state healthcare while visiting the UK and Australia, but this does not cover medical repatriation, essential for getting back home should the need arise.

A worldwide travel insurance policy covers the countries you wish to visit and will cover those last-minute impulse trips. Worldwide insurance is exactly as it sounds – insurance to travel anywhere in the whole wide world, secure in the knowledge that if the unthinkable happens, you have the insurance cover to avoid financial repercussions.

Other Worldwide Travel Insurance Benefits

Taking out worldwide insurance offers peace of mind when unfortunate situations arise. Trips like these involve visas and documentation, and having these go missing or being stolen along with baggage and personal items could be a real nightmare, especially if your cash goes missing too. Being able to apply for compensation is just one of the reasons for taking out travel insurance and can prevent a holiday from turning into a disaster.
Travel delays are, at best, frustrating, but when the delay involves missing a pre-paid tour or having to find accommodation, then they can really ruin a trip and cost extra cash too. Worldwide insurance takes problems like these into consideration and would cover additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred by such delays.
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