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About Us

Downunder Insurance was incorporated in the UK in March 1992 and exclusively owned and operated by two New Zealanders, Mike Corless and Stuart Mitchell. Downunder Insurance began life as a provider of motor insurance products to non-UK residents, which was extremely difficult to find (and still is!). Our 'Landmark Policy' is still going strong, helping Aussie's, Kiwi's, South African's and other travellers and backpackers to become mobile in the UK and Europe.

The company expanded rapidly throughout the nineties and whereas originally set up to assist young Australasians with general motor insurance it has now expanded into travel insurance.

As a result of communication and consultation with our many young customers over the years, it became blatantly obvious by the mid nineties that the way forward was development of a travel insurance package targeting the young adventure traveller that was affordable and provided a good level of cover, as most products available were overpriced and aimed at the family market.

Downunder were one of the first companies in the UK to offer a direct travel insurance package, tailor made for the Big OE, long haul backpacking and gap year customer with a quality product at affordable premiums. Over the years we have continued to source the best policies at the best premiums for both UK and overseas travellers.

As a result of the success of our travel products in the UK, Downunder New Zealand was set up in February 2000 to provide a direct sell travel insurance both online and in house, directly targeting the thousands of young Kiwis travelling worldwide every year. Downunder NZ was the first direct sell product to launch in the antipodean marketplace, and at the same time we launched our online business in Australia which is supported by the New Zealand office.