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Worldwide Cover

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About America Travel Insurance

America, also known as the Americas, is made up of the continents of both North and South America along with their associated islands, and covers over a quarter of the Earth’s land mass. Situated in the Western Hemisphere, the flatter eastern side holds the vast river basins of the Amazon and Mississippi, while a long chain of mountains known as the American Cordillera dominates the west. 

A widely varying climate and ecology can be found, with arctic tundra in the north and tropical rain forests in Central America and the south, and the geological history of volcanoes, tectonic plate collision and erosion brought the two continents together to form the single landmass we know today.

Medical Treatment Cover

As with any other country, taking out travel insurance prior to visiting America is an essential part of trip preparations. America is considered a reasonably safe destination for visitors, with minimal disease outbreaks and stringent anti-terrorism practises in place since the events of September 11, 2001. However, ensuring you are correctly covered before travelling, particularly to a country with extremely high medical costs such as the United States is vitally important.

Purchasing travel insurance cover is strongly advised before visiting America, as only emergency cases are treated without prior payment. New Zealand does not have a reciprocal health agreement with America and treatment may be refused to anyone without insurance or a deposit. Anyone receiving treatment may receive a rather large and unwelcome bill, especially if air ambulance or medical repatriation is involved.

Additional Cover

DUInsure offer a wide range of additional cover options, providing you with specialist cover for winter sports, high value items, business travel, cruise holidays and rental vehicle excesses. You’ll be able to add these during the quote process - so why not see how much DUInsure could save you today?


*Price based on cover for single 25 year old traveller going to America on a backpacker policy for 7 days.