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Cover From $36.54*


Unlimited amedical

Unlimited Medical

Personal Belongings

Protection For Personal Belongings

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide Cover

365 days cover

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About Backpackers Travel Insurance

Backpacking can be a life-changing experience. Making new travel acquaintances, visiting new places and trying out different cuisines and local delicacies are all part and parcel of a great backpacking trip. 

The entire backpacking experience can be enormous fun, from the initial researching and planning stage to the after-trip reminiscing and even making plans for another trip – and while not everything goes according to plan, there are ways to ensure that the trip of a lifetime doesn’t become an experience with serious repercussions. How? By ensuring that a comprehensive backpacking insurance policy covers all of those unforeseen circumstances, which could spoil a trip and cost thousands of dollars. You can find some information about what our backpacking travel insurance covers, below:

Medical Health Insurance

When travelling within any other countries, medical insurance is a must. Hospital bills can be steep and even visiting a doctor could you out of pocket, especially with full priced medication on top.

Cover for Belongings, Valuables and Documentation

While losing a backpack full of clothes may not always be an enormous loss, losing a camera, passport, or all of your cash is a situation everyone dreads. Our backpacker insurance covers for the loss or theft of your personal belongings and travel documents.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Travel doesn’t always go to plan – unforeseen circumstances can turn that dream trip into a very stressful experience. Our insurance helps you to relax whilst abroad, including flight cancellation due to illness or a death in the family and accommodation costs should a flight be delayed. We’ll also cover you for third party liability in the case of situations including accidentally injuring another person or damaging their property, as lawsuits can run up massive bills.

DUInsure offer a range of backpacker travel insurance options perfect for any backpacker looking to be protected abroad - offering options for extensions, medical and personal liability cover, as well as a wide range of personal cover options including for passports, money and credit cards.


*For a single 25 year old traveller going to Bali for 7 days on a backpacker policy.