New Zealand Travel Insurance

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Unlimited amedical

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Worldwide Cover

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About New Zealand Travel Insurance

When it comes to travel, it can be easy to ignore the fact that one of the most inspiring countries in the world, is the one we live in. It's not just foreign tourists that can enjoy our great country! With incredible landscapes, diverse cultural activities to enjoy and some exciting and intriguing towns and cities to explore, it’s no wonder that many of us are choosing to stay within New Zealand for our travel adventures.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Travelling around home territory isn't without its pitfalls. Though it is much easier to get home if problems arise, and hospitalisation is not as much of a worry as it would be in a foreign country, there are still risks and hazards that make having a domestic travel insurance policy a sensible precaution, before setting off on an adventure.

DUInsure offers domestic travel insurance as part of their Explorer or Comprehensive policies, and offer competitively priced premiums for long and short trips. They provide cover for singles, couples, and families, and cover older travellers who are so often not offered cover due to their advancing years.

What Does Domestic Travel Insurance Cover?

As well as providing cover for worst-case scenarios such as accidental death and permanent disability, domestic travel insurance exists to protect travellers in situations where trip cancellations or lost deposits could leave them out of pocket. Trip delays and any incurred expenses such as accommodation or alternative transport are also covered with the insurance policy, as well as an allowance for delayed luggage and personal effects.

Theft of cash, money orders, and bank notes is included as well as loss or theft of travel documents, credit cards, luggage, and personal effects. While nobody likes to think that they will be robbed in their own country, sadly these sorts of incidents do happen. Personal liability is included within our policies. Accidents do happen and when they involve a third party or his/her property, this could become an expensive problem. Ensure you are protected today with DUInsure - proudly insuring New Zealanders for over 25 years.


*Price based on a single 25 year old travelling in New Zealand on a backpacker policy for 7 days.