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Frequent Traveller Insurance is a cost-effective option for those wanting to go on multiple trips during the course of a year, so long as any one trip lasts no longer than 45 days.  

The policy is available to anyone aged 59 and under.

The Frequent Traveller Plans have extensive levels of cover, including: Overseas Emergency Assistance (Unlimited), Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital expenses (Unlimited), Permanent Disability (max. Benefit $25,000), Travel Delay Allowance and Alternative Transport expenses, Luggage and Personal Effects , Cancellation and Loss Of Deposits, Personal Liability ($5,000,000) and Theft of Cash*.

Frequent Traveller Insurance remains the cheaper option for the regular traveller to choose from the personal insurance marketplace here in New Zealand.


Policy Benefit Per Adult

Cancellation fees and lost deposits*


Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^*


Overseas Emergency Medical and hospital expenses^*


Dental expenses^


Additional accommodation & travel expenses*


Includes family emergency*


Includes emergency companion cover*


Hospital cash allowance^*


Accidental death*


Permanent disability*


Travel documents, Credit cards & Travellers cheques


Theft of cash


Luggage and personal effects*


Luggage and personal effects delay expenses


Travel delay expenses*


Alternative transport expenses


Personal liability


Rental vehicle excess*


*Sub-limits apply-see "what your policy covers".

^ There is no cover under these policy sections while travelling in New Zealand.

For full details please read the Product Disclosure Statement