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 Cover From $36.54*


Unlimited amedical

Unlimited Medical

Personal Belongings

Protection For Personal Belongings

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide Cover

365 days cover

Cover For Up To 365


About Worldwide Travel Insurance

The range of different types of travel insurance can sometimes be bewildering. There is comprehensive travel insurance, annual cover, backpacker policies, return visit endorsements, emigration, and more.

Then there’s the additional cover, like adventure sports, the extensive medical cover that you’re not quite sure you need because of reciprocal health agreements with other countries, and then what about the fact that you are travelling both within the EU and paying a visit to the USA as well?

Keeping Travel Insurance Simple

For those who are baffled by travel insurance jargon, we at DUInsure believe in keeping your travel insurance requirements simple. Having provided travel insurance since the early 1990s, we know what how to craft the best travel insurance policies for your travel needs.

All you have to do is plan your trip, decide where you are going (whether that’s to a single destination or you are heading on a worldwide backpacking adventure) and purchase your travel insurance through our quick and easy online quote system.

Our Worldwide Travel Insurance Benefits

Taking out worldwide insurance offers peace of mind when unfortunate situations arise. Trips like these involve visas and documentation, and having these go missing or being stolen along with baggage and personal items could be a real nightmare, especially if your cash goes missing too. Being able to apply for compensation is just one of the reasons for taking out travel insurance and can prevent a holiday from turning into a disaster.

DUInsure provide, as standard, cover for emergency medical cover, trip cancellation and personal liability, as well as loss or theft of travel documents, credit cards, theft, luggage and your personal effects.


*For a single 25 year old traveller going to Bali for 7 days on a backpacker policy.